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7 Key Resources To Get Started As A Bounty Hunter To Support Businesses

Comprehensive Bug Bounty Pentesting Resources to take you to the next level

Getting started in the world of bug bounty hunting can be both exciting and challenging. To help you on your journey, here is a comprehensive list of resources to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to become a successful pentester:

1. Bug Bounty Introduction by Katie Paxton-Fear:

Learn the basics of bug bounty hunting and get valuable insights from Katie Paxton-Fear's introductory guide. [Link](

2. Bug Bounty Platforms by Bughacking:

Explore various bug bounty platforms that host programs for security researchers. Gain access to a range of targets to test your skills. [Link](

3. Bug Bounty Programs by vpnmentor:

vpnmentor provides a comprehensive list of active bug bounty programs, helping you discover opportunities to showcase your expertise. [Link](

4. Synack Red Team Artemis Program:

This exclusive community is open to security professionals who identify as women, trans, nonbinary, and gender minorities. Join the program to participate in challenging bug bounties. [Link](

5. Bug Bounty Video Resources by Farah Hawa:

Farah Hawa's informative video offers valuable bug bounty insights, tips, and resources to enhance your skills. [Link](

6. The Bug Hunter Handbook by Gowthams:

Dive into the Bug Hunter Handbook authored by Gowthams to gain a deeper understanding of bug bounty strategies and methodologies. [Link](

7. AllAboutBugBounty Repository by daffainfo:

Check out the "AllAboutBugBounty" repository for a curated collection of bug bounty resources, tools, and write-ups to enrich your knowledge. [Link](

The Africa bug bounty roadmap will be published soon this tthe hird quarter of 2023. Get in touch through the contact us page if interested in getting the advance copy.

Credit to Gabrielle B on Linkedin for original post.

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